Web Based ERP Software – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Web based ERP is definitely a controversial subject because it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some argue that it doesn’t provide all the benefits and functionality of ERP software, which might be true to some point. Nevertheless, it seems like a great option for small and midsized companies which don’t have the necessary resources to invest in ERP software. Web based ERP clearly provides benefits for a business and it’s up to the business owner to decide if they are sufficient for the activities he or she is conducting.

ERP was initially used only in the manufacturing sector, but it then developed and started being implemented in companies of all types because the benefits of automating and integrating various business processes and the activity of different functional departments became clear for almost everybody. All the company’s departments are able to access databases in real time and this leads to important savings in what concerns money and time.

The greatest advantage of web based ERP consists of the fact that it can be accessed remotely from basically anywhere in the world where there is internet connection and a browser. Access can be ensured with or without a password and communication is fast and efficient. A manager or any other employee found outside of the business premises can easily exchange data with any of the company’s departments. This is highly beneficial for sales person who usually work outside of the office. Quick communication with the company enables them to serve the customer faster and more efficient and it also simplifies their work a lot. Customers’ complaints and requests, as well as orders, are managed easier and the company’s responsiveness is increased. Managers will also be able to control their business and to take decisions in what concerns resource allocation or other important aspects from wherever they are.

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Another significant advantage that web based ERP has is the fact that it requires no implementation at all and this significantly cuts down the costs. This is very important especially for small companies which would like to benefit of an ERP system but can’t afford the implementation. There is no software and no hardware needed and the risk of failing in the implementation process is eliminated. There is no point in worrying about maintenance and up gradation when using web based ERP and eventual customization that you might want to do does not interfere with your business processes. It is also advantageous in what concerns training the employees for using it, because this is far simpler than if you were using ERP software.

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