Types of Catering Software

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When you are in a catering business then it is not all about cooking and serving. It is much more than that and you need to be on your toes always. If you want to be successful and make a name for yourself in the catering business then you need to do your accounts well, market yourself, should be a good sales person and then in the end should be able to collect your bills in time. All these qualities cannot be present in a single person but catering software would be able to do all these works for you.

First of these softwares that you can use is Restaurant Accounts Software. This is proper accounting software for your catering business. It will maintain a record of profit and loss for your business. If you have got a POS (Point-of-Sale) system in your restaurant or business with a computer, then this accounting software is a must.

Next in the line is Microsoft excel powered Cash Trap Accounting Software. With this software you can maintain the account of costs incurred by goods and daily labor. This software will also help in the maintaining the sales, budget and the profit performance.

Caterease is catering software which is for one and all. It will fulfill the needs of everyone in the catering business. It comes in three variants – Express, Standard and fully loaded Professional version. The express version has the following features – Event Scheduling, New Event addition, Query tool, Make Report etc. The standard variant along with the above features has also got the features like Event Menu making, Ingredient function and the batch printing with customization of the reports. Normally the standard variant will fulfill all of your needs but still if you want more features like restoration of the deleted events along with the advanced query tools then you can go for the professional version of the Caterease.

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