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TOKI or the Housing Development Administration of Turkey is a great government organization that carries the intent of making housing affordable and accessible to many people in Turkey. The Home loans and real estate development projects administered by this organization are called as Toplu Konut Idaresi projects or simply TOKI projects. The goal of TOKI is to create as many affordable housing as possible, not profit or any other commercial goals.

As the population increases and urban areas become more and more crowded, TOKI has taken it upon themselves to find solutions to these problems and implement these solutions as quickly and as efficiently as possible. TOKI believes that all people have a right to a roof over their heads.

TOKI helps people by providing loans for those who need them in order to purchase a home under their development projects. This makes it so the amount of people living in the slums or lower income neighborhoods is drastically reduced. By providing all people with the opportunity to own their own home, TOKI (funded by Turkish Government) makes a difference in how housing can be viewed in Turkey.

The current economic climate in Turkey makes it very difficult, if not impossible for low-income families to obtain housing of any sort of quality. In the past, people have taken advantage of this fact by offering homes that are practically unlivable, with pestilence and health hazards to boot. Now, TOKI is making it so those on the lower ends of the economic line can obtain the funding they need to purchase a home they can be proud of.

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With their latest projects, TOKI will be able to provide between 5-10% of all emergency housing needs. By meeting the needs of the country’s lower income individuals, TOKI hopes to reduce the sprawl of slums, lessen the instances of those taking advantage of people down on their luck and an increase in quality, affordable housing for all.

In order to make sure that people on both sides of the fence–those selling the homes and those purchasing the homes–understand one another, TOKI even organized a convention of sorts to allow them to talk about the newest projects. By maintaining an open line of communication, TOKI allows low-income people to have the rights they deserve when speaking with and dealing with the property developers.

With massive housing development projects underway, TOKI will be able to serve those who need it the most–low-income families in Turkey–by providing them with homes at affordable rates the loans through which to obtain them. It’s about time the poorer people of Turkey were treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. And what can be more respectful than the opportunity to own your own home? TOKI makes this possible.

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