Telemarketing Services Need Not Present The Whole Software Package

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It’s popular yet erroneous belief that all telemarketers are desperate salespeople trying to get you to buy something over the phone. Why is it erroneous? Well it’s because telemarketings isn’t just used for selling (directly at least).

The best way to demonstrate this is in B2B industries like ERP software. Now ERP software is actually not just a single piece but it is in fact an entire package of software applications dedicated to different parts of company management. You have HR, CRM, SCM, all the way up to Business Intelligence software (which are personally used by the top executives themselves).

Like all B2B companies however, ERP software firms can suffer very slow and very dry periods. This is most often due to lack of leads for them to pursue and make sales. Furthermore, this slow acquisition of leads is also one distinguishing factor between B2B products and B2C. Plenty of people buy the latter for basic needs. The former however, despite how basic, have fewer people need them because there can only be so many company decision makers to market to.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg though. One other reason why such companies suffer from slow leads is from inexperienced handling and qualifying. The truth is there are plenty of lead generation methods that have been hailed as successful. However, the truth is that the success was more in part to experienced skill in using the method than the method itself.

Going back to telemarketing, it is indeed one such effective method for B2B lead generation. The target decision makers of ERP software groups don’t even pay attention to a grand majority of advertising when they’re working but they will respond to more direct approaches such as the phone call.

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Don’t get too excited though. Executives and other decision makers still don’t take kindly to such calls and often leave their gatekeepers to handle them first. This is where inexperience can hurt the lead generation campaign. One common mistake among newbies is information overload. The caller talks and talks about the products many feature (and these would be a lot given that ERP software is one big package). They don’t give the prospect time to speak or voice their concerns. Simply put, they come off as the very inconsiderate and pushy salesperson that telemarketers have been made out to be.

In fact, this doesn’t just apply to telemarketing. Even those who hail alternatives like social media, websites, and email marketing risk the chance of information overload. The only difference is there’s no encounter. You just simply send out or put up a page overloaded with text while your prospect sees the size and considers it too long to read.

Professionals simply don’t do it that way. In fact, the do the complete opposite. They contact a client, strike a conversation, and ask about their needs to qualify them. That’s it. They ask questions, they tell a little bit about what they’re making, and when it seems like the client either has heard enough or wants to know more, they give the option of where to take it. In fact, some telemarketing services even go so far as to compile a large database so they’ll even be better in knowing what questions to ask beforehand. (This tactic really helps bypass the gatekeepers.)

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Naturally, if you’re an ERP software supplier that’s just starting out, you might already think that this is something you neither have the time or the money to invest it. Well, good news. They don’t have to! All they need do is outsource.

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