Tally 9 Accounting Software Features and Advantages

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In today’s world the ultimate solution for business is Tally 9. It is designed in such a way that it competes easily and successfully with the complex needs of the growing business. With the help of this feature the growth of the business is increased. It enhances your productivity by taking quicker decisions. Some of the important features of Tally 9 –

1. This software is having multilingual capability which allows the business owners to expand their business beyond geographical boundaries. Now it is possible to maintain your account in one language, view the reports in other and you can also send invoices in another language to your customers only at the press of a button.

2. It is able to maintain the accounts of unlimited companies.

3. Tally 9 is having the feature of data synchronization which enables fast and easy exchange of business transactions between different offices and branches and various geographies.

4. It is having the feature of complete bookkeeping. It keeps the details of all types of transactions like receipt, payments, income and expenses, sales and purchases, credit notes, debit notes etc.

Besides these features this software is full of other features like ratio analysis, budgeting, security control, powerful audit capabilities, payment performance of debtors, multi-currency accounting, comprehensive accounting, unified ledgers, pay roll, job costing etc.

Tally 9 software is having so many advantages that if you make use of this software then you will observe clear business benefits. There are some powerful advantages which you can enjoy.

1. Now you can expand your business beyond geographical boundaries as Tally 9 is having the feature of multi-currency and multi-lingual capability.

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2. There is no need to hire some specialized resources as Tally 9 is very simple to learn and easy interface.

3. It is having a sheer power. It can handle transactions in huge volume without making any compromise on speed and efficiency.

4. This software also ensures better cash flow and saving on interest. Due to its ‘receivables and payables’ management feature almost all the collections are made on time and even you can send the reminders to the defaulters.

5. It provides the user with accurate data entry.

6. This software also enables the business owner to take a fast decision due to its feature of sharing of data.

7. Tally 9 provides the business owners with fast information.

8. Now with the help of Tally 9, invoicing and data entry is faster and also error free.

These advantages are very helpful for the organization in this competitive environment.

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