Some Freeware Data Recovery Programs for Your Computer

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Sometimes when people delete a file, they think that they cannot find that file anymore. The deleted file has been moved to the Recycle Bin. If the file remains there, it is possible for the users to restore the file to the original location. However, when you click the empty Recycle Bin, the file there is deleted permanently from the computer and you will not be able to restore the file anymore.

In some cases, people accidentally delete their important files and then realize that they need them later. You can still restore them when you install freeware data recovery software. Nowadays, you may find many types of this program in the market. Freeware data recovery software allows you to use them without any cost.

EASEUS data recovery might be the first option you can choose for freeware data recovery. This program was published by EASUS Company which specializes in file recovery and data compression software. The main concern of the company is the recovery system. EASUS offers two options of the recovery program. They are freeware data recovery and commercial version. You should purchase the commercial version before you can use it. This version has an ability to recover files from formatted sectors or deleted hard drive partitions.

However, the freeware version will be enough for the average computer users. By using EASUS data recovery, you will be able to recover the deleted and removed files from Recycle Bin. This program works well on all Windows platforms. It also offers the features for recovery in Linux system. You can also use the program on network storage devices including dynamic disk drives.

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Another freeware data recovery program is NTFS or New Technology File System Reader. It has the ability to perform various server functions like creating and managing hard drive partitions. It can also encrypt the data which is found on hard drive and manage the high volume storage devices such as RAID disk drives. An advantage of this program is easy to use. You can use the program on all versions of Windows. It can also be used with Windows NT.

You may also consider using PC Inspector file recovery. This program is quiet popular among the consumers. The main reason is because it works on any computer. This program will not only recover the files from the computers, but also the data from File Allocation Tables (FAT). It supports all versions of Windows. PC Inspector file recovery has the ability to understand older or newer file architecture.

If the programs above do not meet your requirement, then you may consider other program, such as Convar PC Inspector File Recovery 4.X, Tokiwa DataRecovery 2.4.6, and many more.

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