QuickBooks Add-Ons: Significant Way To Enhance Your Business Reach

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When you run a business, there’s probably no use of context like “Enough-for-me” or “This-Is-Effective”, as with time the actual need for business changes. Even over a very small span of time, the necessity of having more enhanced support comes in the notice. QuickBooks, one of the most versatile accounting & financial software, also supports many businesses ranging from small-sized to big enterprises. But it is quite hard for software to complete needs of all industry types. And that’s where Add-ons can be used sufficiently by simply integrating with the QuickBooks accounting software.

In case you are wondering what exactly Add-ons are then, add-ons are software programs usually developed by third parties who are independent of Intuit. The small software is able to stand-alone and also offers ease of integration with QuickBooks desktop versions. Though, QB is already versed with many features still finds it hard to fulfill all businesses needs. At that time add-ons come to rescue such businesses without asking them to leave QuickBooks as the software accepts add-ons integration instantly. There are plenty of add-ons who offers reliable functionalities such as easy tracking of changes and accurate accounting reports to businesses.

Let us try to understand the actual need of add-ons, with very simple two examples, even if you are accessing QuickBooks desktop accounting & taxing software.

Inventory Tracking: According to many surveys, QB accounting software offers inventory tracking feature to its users but it lacks proper functionality parameters due to which the requirement of add-ons originates. As there are many functions that QuickBooks fails to offer which are quite useful to track inventory reliably. The two vast seen limitations of QuickBooks inventory tracking feature are-

  • The software is unable to employ more flexible costing methods such as FIFO (First In, First Out) or LIFO (Last In, First Out) and only offers average cost inventory which is not so appropriate for many businesses.
  • Except for QuickBooks Enterprise advanced inventory feature, other versions are unable to fetch serial numbers, bin locations, lot numbers, bar coding, multiple warehousing, warranty periods or expiry dates automatically. Even to use Advanced Inventory Feature, you need to pay additional fees as well as requires an additional spreadsheet to maintain additional info. So its more appropriate to use some add-ons instead of increasing your workload.

Human Resource (HR) Administration: As its core relatability with accounts & financial activities, the necessity of adding human resources area is equally important. There are many functions of HR department that businesses want from the software but QuickBooks unable to offer the same. Thus the need of adding an additional software comes in the mainframe.

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We can not completely agree with the fact that Intuit hadn’t taken any step forward to fulfill businesses needs. As soon as the company realized their loopholes, they formed IDN (Intuit Developer Network) straightforwardly whose main task is to welcome third parties with their products. IDN is the network using which Intuit has approached many third parties to showcase their software on Intuit’s platform and in return asks the instant integration with QuickBooks.

Intuit is known for its marketing mind that usually fills the company with lots of profit; SDK is offered to all the developers of IDN to ensure that no user enters data twice (NED2). Using the power extra functionality, served with the help of add-ons, QuickBooks enriched their space in the marketplace and cleverly fulfilled many businesses desires.

Evaluation Process: To Pick Best Add-on For Your Business

Most of the users choose QuickBooks hosting as they find it more useful for their business even when they are already using the traditional accounting software. Sometimes, we need to go with the market needs but that doesn’t mean each market need will justify your business needs as well. As every business has its own set of requirements and it totally depends upon how the chief person selects.

It’s not compulsory that the product listed high on the marketplace needs is the right add-on for your business. You must research the developer’s website & specifications of the product prior integrating it with your QuickBooks software. Each software offers the trial version for short span of time, use that to test its functionality & to check its resemblance to your business needs. Avail product ratings & reviews, backend support, transparency & security prior integration process.

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Investigate all add-ons that are worth integrating with your QuickBooks software and enjoy the perks of high functionality features within your business environment.

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