MLM Training – How To Answer the 30 Most Common Questions And Rejections In MLM or Network Marketing

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Ok, so you’ve made the call, initiated the invitation, but things didn’t go as smoothly as what you expected.

Your prospect started to ask some tough questions.

Gulp, all of a sudden your tongue got tied up! You panic and said something stupid.

Just yesterday, one of my downlines asked me after she made her first few calls to some prospects.

What do you say when they ask you, Is this MLM? or Do I need to sell stuff? or Do I need to spend a lot of time?

Here are your answers to the 30 most asked questions in MLM or Network Marketing.

1. What is this business all about?

Answer 1 (refer back to your website): Well, everything is explained on my website. Can you check it out today?

Answer 2 (if your company does not provide a website): Well, I can’t explain it over the phone, so the best way is to meet up either today or tomorrow so that I can show you the details.

* Now, the reason why we do not want to explain over the phone, is simply because there is no way the prospect can see the full big picture with some words transferred over the phone! Remember, our responsibility in MLM is to pass the message on and the clearer the message, the lower the chance of rejection or misinformation.

2. Is this MLM?

Answer: (Answer a question with a question) Why do you ask that? Have you done MLM before?

* In this case, we answer a question with a question because we want to know if the prospect is NEGATIVE towards MLM. If the prospects answers your question with a negative response eg. Yes I have and I failed terribly or No I have not, but my relative/friend was involved with some MLM and failed, then you must be more tactful and answer Well, its not what you think or have seen. Check out my website or I can show you the details when we meet up today or tomorrow.

3. Is this one of those pyramids or money games?

Answer: No, of course not. Why do you say that? Did you have a bad experience with something like that?

*Again, we want to find out if the prospect had a negative experience and we want to reassure them that our business is nothing like that.

4. So do I need to sell anything?

Answer: No, this business is not about being a super salesperson if you do not like sales.

*The reason why we say this is because more than 90% of the worlds population does not like sales. However, its more of a fear of having to sell stuff because they do not see the benefits or whats in it for them.

5. Do I have to sell stuff to my family and friends?

Answer: No, you do not have to if you do not like doing that.

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* Most people fear peddling products to their family and friends, however most of the time, their opinion will change when they realize how good the products are and how they can benefit from those products.

6. Do I have to make cold calls?

Answer: No, you do not need to make cold calls if you do not want to.

7. Do I have to spend long hours to do this business?

Answer: Well, its actually flexible and totally up to you. The more time and effort you put into the business, the more you will earn as there is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

8. I don’t have many friends.

Answer: Its ok. You do not need to depend on your friends and relatives to succeed in this business.

9. So what do I need to do?

Answer: You need to go through our company training and learn the basics of the business, then follow our step by step system to guide you towards success.

10. Do I need to invest a lot of money?

Answer: That’s the beauty of this business. You do not need to invest a huge sum of money to start the business. How much will you need to start a McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise?

*The idea here to make a powerful reference to a business like McDonald’s which everyone knows or has heard about. Then, inform the prospect that a McDonald’s franchise takes something like US$1 million dollars to start. However, our business just needs a few hundred or thousand dollars to get started. Comparatively, that’s not a huge investment at all!

11. I can’t talk as well as you.

Answer: In this business, its not about being able to talk well. Besides, well be guiding you with our step by step system that does not require you to talk well or be a good salesman.

12. I am just too busy.

Answer: Will you like to have more time freedom then?

*Explain to the prospect the ideas I shared in WHY MLM about exchanging your time for money and exchanging OPT(Other peoples time) for your wealth. Many people think they are doing well, but they don’t realize they are still caught in the rat race.

13. I don’t think MLM or Network Marketing is a professional career.

Answer: Have you heard of Donald Trump(ultra rich billionaire property mogul in the hit show THE APPRENTICE) or Robert Kiyosaki (World famous author of the book RICH DAD POOR DAD)? If both of them strongly recommend network marketing or MLM as one of the best businesses for people to get rich with, do you think that they will risk their reputation on something that is not professional?

*The best way is to show them Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s book which they co-wrote together, Why We Want You To Be Rich? and flip to that one entire chapter where both of them recommend that we join network marketing in order to get rich!

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14. Have you made any money yet?

Answer(if you just started): No, I just started the business and any business takes time to generate income. However, I can introduce to my upline who has made money already and is very successful. You can check out his website or I can arrange a 3 way call for a conversation with him.

15. How long will it take for me to make any money?

Answer: Its up to how much time and effort you put into the business. However, give yourself at least 3 months to learn the ropes first.

16. What if I run out of friends?

Answer: As I mentioned, you do not need to limit yourself to your friends and family. We will guide you step by step how you can have an unlimited number of people to share the business with.

17. I don’t think I can afford the money to start.

Answer: Do you really seriously want to achieve your dreams? If yes, figure out a way you can get the money to start. You can start saving up now so that you can start later.

18. You are already successful, that’s why you can do it but I am not like you.

Answer: Do you want to change your life then? If yes, start by being a good student and learn how to do it. We are willing to guide you towards success.

19. Do I have to become a products expert?

Answer: No, we are only the messengers who pass the information on to others. We do not need to become doctors, or nutritionists or product experts.

20. Can I build my business overseas to other countries?

Answer: Yes, of course. With the internet, we are able to share our business opportunity with anyone in any country around the world. So long we are able to deliver the products there, anything is possible.

21. Can I start part time and still succeed?

Answer: Yes, of course. Many of us start part time and build up a significant income before we go full time.

22. How long will it take to achieve a full time income?

Answer: Just like any business, give yourself at least 6 months to 1 year to build up a significant income.

23. Can I register a company to do this type of business?

Answer: Yes of course. You are already considered a self employed business owner by starting this business, so you can register a sole proprietorship, partnership or incorporated company to do this business and enjoy all the tax benefits.

24. Can I do this business together with my spouse?

Answer: Yes of course. In fact, we have seen many success stories of couples who work together as partners in this business and it not only helps with their finances, but their marriage as well.

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25. The money in network marketing is too slow for me.

Answer: Well, if you’re looking for fast money, usually its associated with high risk. However, if you want low risk, but highly leveraged passive residual income i.e. income that grows while you sleep without risking high investments, network marketing will give you that if you work the business for 1 to 2 years.

26. Too many people fail in MLM.

Answer: Isn’t that true in any industry? Example, insurance, property agents, even 9 of 10 traditional businesses fail in any given year. Be it in MLM or in any industry, the only people who fail are those who give up. And those who succeed are those who never ever GIVE UP.

27. I hear too many horror stories and negative comments about MLM.

Answer: There is nothing wrong about MLM as a business model. Its just misunderstood by the general public. However, did you know that when franchising first started in USA, everyone said it’s a scam? The same thing happened when personal insurance policies were first introduced to the general public. It took more than 20 years before the public started to accept that personal insurance wasn’t a scam to cheat your money but a necessary protection instead. But if you had been one of those pioneering leaders in the Insurance industry, today you will be very rich! So its the same situation for MLM, when less people understand it, that’s when the opportunity is BIG.

28. Do I need to convince people to buy products?

Answer: No. Your responsibility is to pass the information to them so that they can review the DVD, website or magazine so that they can convince themselves if they are interested. You do not need to do any convincing at all.

29. I have no extra time to do this.

Answer: If today I told you that I’m selling my ferrari sports car for $1000 and you only have until tomorrow to grab this limited time offer, will you find the time to get $100 to me right now? If yes, it means that the point is whether you really want it bad enough to find time to do it. So do you really want to succeed or are you just fooling around?

30. I have no idea where or how to start.

Answer: No problem, let me guide you step by step with our new distributor orientation training system and quick start checklist.

* By this time, your company or your organizations training system should have a simple step by step checklist or training guide that you can use to duplicate your new downline to get started.

So there you have it!

The 30 most common questions, answers and rejections in MLM or Network Marketing.

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