How to Save Time Searching Accounting Jobs on Craigslist

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Are you looking for an accounting job? If so, you can and should use This online classified website is quickly becoming an easy and effective job search tool. To get started, continue reading on for a few helpful search tips. These tips can not only help you find stable and well-paying accounting jobs, but they can help you quickly find these jobs and with ease.

Opt for a Craigslist Search

There are two ways to find accounting jobs posted on Craigslist. You can browse all open jobs in the accounting and finance section or perform a search. Browsing is nice, but Craigslist’s popularity results in many job listings. You may have one hundred open accounting jobs just in your local city! It could take you hours to browse them all. Save time by performing a search instead.

Choose Your Craigslist Search Phrases Carefully

As previously stated, your local city page may have hundreds of open accounting jobs posted. Searching saves you time, but you can also cut down your job search time by choosing your search phrases carefully. Since you are looking for an accounting job, search with the phrases office accountant, accountant, accounting, bookkeeper, bookkeeping. This should automatically eliminate jobs that you aren’t interested in.

Read Headlines Carefully

Although searching with relevant keyword phrases should increase your chances of only getting jobs you are interested in, some others will sneak through. A company hiring an office secretary may list a few of the job responsibilities as accounting or bookkeeping, but what if you want to work in a full-time accounting position? Read the headline carefully. Hiring managers tend to give some clues. To save time searching for jobs on Craigslist, automatically bypass the jobs you don’t qualify for or aren’t interested in. On the other hand, if you like what you see, click the headline for more information.

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Download a Craigslist Search Tool is a city based service. You select your state and nearest city. When searching, you search accounting jobs posted under that specific city only. What if you want to relocate for the right job? What if you live in between two different listed cities? Normally, you would need to search or browse each individually, but there is a better alternative. That alternative is downloading a Craigslist search tool. These software programs allow you to search multiple cities, entire states, or the entire classified website at once!

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