How To Ensure Your Professional Software Sales Recruiters Can Help You Find The Perfect Career Fit

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No matter what the climate of the current job market, finding enterprise software sales jobs that are both fulfilling and stimulating can often prove challenging. Not only is it difficult to source companies with current open enterprise software sales jobs, but successfully helping your curriculum vitae stand out in the masses of other resumes that flood the human resource department is no easy task. All too often, candidates find themselves either completely overlooked or missing out on the perfect career fit simply because they have spun their wheels focusing elsewhere during the search.

Software Sales Recruiters Can Help Smooth Out The Career Search Bumps

Fortunately, working with professional software sales recruiters has proven an invaluable resource for job seeking individuals. Qualified technology recruiters work on behalf of their candidates, endeavoring to find opportunities well suited for an individual’s particular strengths and skillsets. For applicants hoping to consistently gain both access to and consideration for appropriate opportunities, teaming with software sales recruiters can optimize results.

Not All Software Sales Recruiters Operate By The Same Standards

While teaming with a professional firm can help streamline the opportunity search process, it’s important to remember that not all recruiting businesses are created alike. As with any industry, there are certain practices to be wary of before signing on to working with an agency. When screening a firm of recruiters always determine the following:

Their policy on “blind” submittals: A blind submittal is one that is sent to the client without first receiving confirmation from the candidate. Agencies that participate in this practice are arbitrarily sending over resumes without first considering an applicant’s availability, most updated salary requirements and even if they’ve already been submitted to a position from another firm. They are merely tossing candidates over to the clients in hopes that something will stick. Only work with a team that stands firm on a no blind submittal policy.

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What they consider a “qualified” opening: In the recruiting industry, the phrase “qualified opportunity” can mean many things to many people. Some agencies glean the job boards and just copy and paste the job descriptions without ever connecting directly with the hiring company itself. While not an unethical process, it can result in a giant waste of time for applicants that submit their resumes to jobs that, while still categorized as open online, have long since been filled. Even if the position is still open, if a firm doesn’t have a current relationship with the hiring business, chances are their submittals (aka your resume) will receive little to no attention. Always confirm that the technology recruiters that you partner with will only submit your resume to positions that they have directly qualified with the hiring manager.

While there are many factors that go into selecting qualified software sales recruiters, these two focal points make an excellent place to begin your search. Remember, the team you align with to assist with your job search will essentially be holding your professional reputation in their hands. Always perform due diligence on a firm’s practices to ensure you’re working with a qualified and reputable team of software sales recruiters.

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