Forex Trading For Beginners ☑️ A Step By Step Guide (2021)

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South Africans can legally trade in the foreign exchange market via any FSCA regulated forex broker. The daily turnover of forex trading in SA is estimated to be around $21.4 billion USD per day in 2021*  🇿🇦 Amount ofcurrent traders in South Africa550 000+ ( Updated 2021 )🗺️ Government Regulatory Body in South AfricaFSCA ( Financial Services Conduct Authority ) formerly known as the FSB ( Financial Services Board )📍 FSCA Physical Address and DetailsAddress: 41 Matroosberg Rd, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria, 0002Phone: 012 428 8000Website: [email protected]📢 FSCA Official Twitter PageFSCA on Twitter📉Most Traded Currency*USD / EUR – USD / GBP⚖️ Is Trading Legal in South Africa?Yes💰 Do you get taxed on forex trading profits?Yes🌎Who is the number #1 Forex Broker offering ZAR denominated accounts?Blackstone Futures🕒 Best time to trade in South Africa?9am – 12pm UTC+02:00🏆Top FSCA Regulated Forex BrokersExness, Avatrade, IFX Brokers, Blackstone Futures, CM trading.💳 How much money do you need to successfully get started trading forex in South Africa?R1500 or $100📈 Fastest Growing Broker in South Africa*Exness

Forex trading is also known as FX, is a global forex marketplace for exchanging a multitude of national currencies with one another, for a variety of purposes such as commerce, tourism, or trading.

Today we will explain, teach and guide you as a beginner in trading forex and CFD’s online.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the South African forex market.A Brief Overview of Forex Trading:

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FX, also known as foreign exchange currency trading, is a decentralized dunia marketplace where all the world’s currencies trade with one another.

What makes Forex so appealing is that it is one of the most liquid markets in the world with average daily trading amounts exceeding $lima trillion.

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In South Africa, more than 80 Billion US Dollars ( approximately R120 Billion Rand ) gets traded daily.What do we mean by “liquid market” you may ask?

A liquid market is where a lot of buying and selling taking place, for very low transaction fees, making the fx market a very attractive one that has a low barrier to entry.

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Here’s a simple analogy. Think of it like a wholesale retail store where you buy low-priced items because the merk buys in bulk! So, the store turns over a large number of items that people want, essentially a “liquid market” – the store makes a profit and you score a low price, making you want to return over and over again. Which of course you do.

Previously Forex was conducted by wealthier investors and larger firms, however, after online trading platforms emerged, making money in the Forex global market was made accessible to other retail investors and individual money traders.

Usually commercial and investment banks conduct the majority of trading in the Forex marketplaces on behalf of their clients, however, there are many investors who trade individually or for professional reasons – they are known as retail investors.

If you are going to become a Forex trader individually you would be a retail Forex trader, smaller investment firms who trade on behalf of clients can also be considered retail Forex traders. The 1st step for new or beginner traders is to learn the basics of forex trading which we will explain later in this article.

Learn more about basic forex trading strategies for beginners.How are currencies traded?

Currencies usually trade against each other as forex pairs, which are known as exchange rate pairs, for example, USD and EUR. Most of the currency trading is facilitated by dunia and central banks. Central banks are the core element for forex markets.

As a Forex trader you buy and sell currencies with the main aim of making a profit, your profit (or loss) is the difference between the buy and sell rates of the currency pairs you traded. More on pairs later so keep reading…

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These marketplaces exist as spot cash markets as well as other assists, known as derivatives markets, that offer futures, options, forwards, and of course currency swaps. This may seem confusing right now, but all will be explained later…

Usually, traders who participate in the market use Forex to assist in hedging against international currency and changes in interest rate risks, as well as other factors such as geopolitical events. Foreign Exchange rates make the cornerstone of forex.3 Things to grasp in currency trading:Currency PricesCurrency TradesTypes of currency traders

A brief overview of the history of Forex

As a newborn marketplace, the Forex market is not exactly the same as a stock market, which can be traced back centuries. The Forex market started in the 1970s to allow major currencies to float freely against one another.  Because the values of these individual currencies started to vary greatly, it gave rise to a need for essential foreign exchange services and trading.

Did you know? Forex trading is one of the fastest-growing industries in South Africa.

This then became the Forex market we have today with a variety of trading platforms and services available on the market.

In the past, currency trading was extremely difficult for individual investors, most of the trading was conducted by large multinational corporations, hedge funds, or high-earning and net worth individuals. Forex trading required a large amount of capital which individual investors did not have.

With the birth of the internet, a retail market was founded with the aim of individual investors being able to become traders, which made it so much easier to gain access to the foreign exchange markets. You gain access through either brokers or banks.

Most brokers or dealers usually offer extremely high leverage to individuals who become traders to enable them to do a large trade with a minimum account balance.Forex is the World’s Largest, Financial Market

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With over lima.09 trillion USD being traded every single day, more money is traded in the Forex markets than Japan’s entire GDP. Of some of these transactions, 254 billion USD is traded through CFDs and other instruments or assets.

While Forex is the largest, most active financial market in the world, it is also the world’s most liquid market, which means it’s relatively easy for traders to enter into and exit out of.

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For some of the most liquid pairs, they can do this at a very low cost sometimes even less than a single pip. Forex is also extremely volatile, creating huge opportunities or huge losses for traders when trading on either positive or negative movements of currency pairs.How does the Forex marketplace work?

One of the most unique and interesting aspects of this international marketplace is that there is no official central market for a foreign exchange like with Stock Exchanges.

Instead, currency exchange is done electronically, which means that all the transactions occur over global computer networks between various traders in different locations around the world, instead of one centralized exchange.

The Forex marketplace is open 24/7, (5) five and a half days a week, with hubs in some of the major financial centers in:LondonNew YorkTokyoZurichFrankfurtHong KongSingaporeParisSydney

Across almost every time zone in these locations, trading is conducted. This means that when the trading day in the U.S. for example ends, the Forex market begins again fresh in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Always visit your local financial sector conduct authority website for more information about laws and regulations.

Due to this fact, Forex marketplaces can remain extremely active at any point in the day, with prices changing regularly.

Did you: From the 5 days eligible for trading – Tuesday and Thursday are the most active by average.Understanding the risks

It may sound very appealing to trade in Forex because of the potential high gains, but before jumping in you need to understand the risks.

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