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Call detail record (CDR) logging is the means of recording and retrieving telephony data. CDR data is essential in monitoring, analyzing and forecasting communication facility usage. The information is often gathered and processed through a call accounting software package. Communication managers utilize various reports to track network performance, misuse and abuse, employee productivity and cost allocation.

Where does CDR come from?

CDR data that is submitted by your telephone system to a collection hardware buffer or software module linked to your call accounting package. The data contains particular information about every telephone call including date, time, duration, digits dialed, caller ID and trunk line. Often the term SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording is used interchangeably with CDR). The “raw” information is generally interpreted and translated into a database for real time or scheduled processing and reporting.

How is CDR delivered?

There are many PBX, IP PBX and other communication servers that can provide CDR. The methods of delivery are as varied as the manufacturers. The great majority of manufacturers still offer CDR through a real time serial (RS 232) link. Some of the more modern and IP-based systems offer date stamped files pushed or pulled through file transfer protocol (FTP). Some vendors utilize a syslog to deliver CDR data and others utilize proprietary protocols that require registration to their various partner programs.

How can you apply CDR to your business?

All CDR data contains valuable nuggets of information about each and every call. Most companies adopt a robust call accounting system to massage the data. The data mining applications vary for each company. Call accounting can be employed tor controlling misuse and abuse, monitoring network performance, bill reconcilliation, cost allocation and productivity enhancement.

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How do you leverage the technology?

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