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In business accounting software is put to a lot of different tasks. It’s used to produce invoices for the sales ledger or log purchase invoices on the bought ledger. It’s then used to track payments on both ledgers. A clerk can use it to organize the month’s payroll and a financial accountant will make use of it when a set of accounts is prepared at month end.

It will also be used by people outside of the accounts department when they request purchase orders for suppliers, log work in progress, so it be invoice or record time sheets, which companies of solicitors and engineering consultants use to calculate their charges.

Whether you require the software to maintain a sales ledger, a purchase ledger and provide monthly accounts or if it’s just to prepare your annual tax return, there are lots of different packages on the market. There are basic packages suited to partnerships or small businesses that offer a spreadsheet and bookkeeping program. Then there are packages for limited companies which allow them to meet their legal obligations as a limited company.

A good accounts package doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. One of the leading accounts software companies provides a free program and others offer free trials. Some suppliers allow companies to pay monthly for the use of their product, which is a great option for an individual preparing his accounts at year end. Many PCs are equipped with a spreadsheet application and upgrading to a more sophisticated spreadsheet program doesn’t cost much.

Spreadsheets can be used to complete a lot of accounting functions. They can be a ledger or a database. They can be used to prepare invoices or purchase orders. They can be used to organize the payroll and produce the wage slips. And the month’s financial accounts can be prepared and viewed on a spreadsheet.

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There is a lot of proprietary software on the market which can be tailored with different modules for each function of the accounts department. Some accounts packages are downloaded to your desktop or run from your web browser, whilst more sophisticated packages, capable of assisting multiple accounting functions, will require installation. Some developers can supply and implement the software, whilst others are attached to specialist companies who deal with IT infrastructure.

In a lot of cases the installation of the network is a bigger financial concern than the software itself. Depending on the size of the office, the system can be installed and maintained by a specialized company or completed by the internal IT team. Specialist companies will offer a customized package to suit the needs of the business, in addition to support services like a help desk, data recovery and data storage.

If the business has a maintenance contract with a company to provide IT support, they will be responsible for making sure that the network is running at all times. They can also be responsible for the system’s security to make sure that the company’s financial data is not compromised.

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