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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as an “information system package that integrates information and information based processes within and across functional areas in an organization”

Earlier applications were aimed at particular customers with restricted functionality and isolated from other applications. Whereas Odoo ERP is a business tool that sums up all the applications required by an organization and connects to other organizations. Today, ERP have added new functions such as product data management, electronic commerce, supply chain management and warehouse management.

Therefore, OdooERP makes the business competent.

The implementation of Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning to a project involves:

Project Planning

Business & Operational analysis including Gap analysis

Business Process Reengineering

Installation and configuration

Project team training

Business Requirement mapping

Module configuration

System interfaces

Data conversion

Custom Documentation

End user training

Acceptance testing

Post implementation/Audit support

There are a number of OdooERP systems available in the market which makes it difficult to choose the right one for a business. Odoo ERP selection is a difficult yet important task. There are a few guidelines to be followed while selecting the ERP:

Set up the need for Odoo ERP/CRM software.

Take the right ERP selection team.

Buy a customized ERP software.

Assess Odoo- ERP implementation Partner.

While selecting the Odoo ERP, you should go for a simple and refined one. Such solutions are easier to implement as well as for the employees to use.

Common mistakes when you go for building s/w are:

Including too many features.

Developing on multiple platforms in the initial stage.

Not focusing on the user experience.

No flexibility.

Lack in monetization planning.

Ignoring the importance of marketing.

Not using analytics services.

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Avoiding mistakes will much likely help erp developers to succeed in their business; keeping the users engaged will improve the revenue of income. No doubt, the execution of the idea is equally important. Efforts are to be channelized in the right direction will help the developers to build applications that users love and achieve desired results.

ERP/CRM will help you to develop your customer base and keep them informed. You will be able to include offers on discounts and other information, which makes your customers realize that you consider them unique and specifically a customer that you want a relationship with rather than just treat them as a number. Through these softwares for business, you are able to communicate in a much extensive way as compared to emails, which might remain unread.

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