5 Simple Ways To Customise Your Odoo ERP Software

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Every business seeks best methodologies and efficient workflows to make the functioning of different departments seamless and quicker. Most industry and business houses customise their core processes and workflows according to their specific work processes and requirements. However, with increased competition in the market, every business to attain competitive edge implements ERP software solutions to make sure that their work processes become efficient and streamlined with great success. This ensues the demand for out-of-the-box and tailored ERP solutions by businesses in different sectors. While there are loads of choices available in Odoo customisation, here are some of the basic ways on how to customize an Odoo ERP software for realising maximum results.

#1 Newer module development

While most modules are available online, they are common among the businesses and offer basic functionalities. So, businesses bagging assistance from ERP software providers can ask them to develop newer module from the scratch. Newer module development from scratch ensures that your ERP modules are custom-made for your specific business needs and workflows.

#2 Adding up fields

Businesses can move to high-end personalisation of their ERP software with Odoo as adding up different fields, buttons or menus as drop-down is extremely easier with Odoo customisation. According to the nature of the business, adding the layout for fields is too simple.

#3 Choose your reports presentation

Odoo offers the facility to enterprises to customise their business reports according to their convenience. Reports can be generated either in Word/Excel format or in PDFs, whichever the organisation deems suitable. Report customisation assures that companies have an easy way to generate reports on various processes or customer data in the form they want.

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#4 Moulding software requirements with workflows

One of the foremost steps of Odoo customisation is contemplating each of departmental processes and daily workflows before assigning a software developer for the ERP system. Irrespective of the size or scale of the business, entrepreneurs must make it sure that their ERP system empowers them in all aspects of the operation, including Warehouse management, Sales management, HR management, Project Management, Purchase and Manufacturing.

#5 Integrate CRM for better customer satisfaction

With an integrated CRM system within the ERP software tailored to the clients or customer base, enterprises can well manage their leads and follow-ups to assure satisfaction of the customers. Thus, businesses only need to affirm it with their Odoo ERP development partner that their solution has tuned in a perfect customer relationship management system for managing their all customer related data.

These are the most basic yet pertinent ways to customise an Odoo ERP software so that it perfectly adhere to the business form and meets up the discrete and specific needs of the enterprises. Be it garments, manufacturing or hospitality, the needs of the industry towards picking an ERP software solution is always customised which calls for all-around Odoo customisation when businesses get their software built from a development partner.

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