10 Advantages of Using the Flexible Class Management and Accounts Software

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Are you looking for ways to successfully handle your class management and accounting operations without any worries or stress? Then it’s time for you to start using the highly flexible class management and accounts software. This software includes a user-friendly class registration, payment collection, communication, accounting, and marketing solutions to let you professionally manage all your classes and training programs.

Launch Custom Registration Forms in Minutes

The software helps you launch customized registration forms in minutes. You can also use it to add your organization’s logo and barcodes on the forms to promote your company and take its brand value to a larger audience.

Reduce Your Concerns over Payment Collection

The online payment management software offers the easiest way to send and receive registration and course fees. Educational organizations can use this comprehensive payment management solution to seamlessly offer their attendees the opportunity to pay via credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and so on) or using their PayPal account. Organizers can also take the advantage of ‘Use Your Own Merchant Account’ service to let the participants deposit money in their own merchant account. This online payment solution comes with an easy-to-use reporting option to control and track the payment status, revenues, refunds, and credits collected over a period of time.

Automate Your Communication

The in-built emailing tool allows every class coordinator to send emails, newsletters, bulletins, and various course materials to the students on a timely basis. You can let the individuals know of your forthcoming classes and workshops by sending them direct emails instead of handwritten letters via the time-consuming postal service.

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Offer Online Class Calendar

The online class calendar provides an aggregated view of all your class schedules and details. This is likely to help your prospective students get an easy viewing and help you get more registrations.

Manage Class/Workshop Waitlist

Allow your attendees to opt for various Waitlist options to ensure full class attendance. Waitlists are really useful in filling up the empty seats even if you have a last-minute cancellation.

Increase Promotion of Your Classes/Training Sessions

This class management solution brings in a powerful marketing module to let you reach out to a large number of people in less time. You can promote your classes, events, and training programs on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. In addition to maintaining your organization’s website, it is sensible to manage a blog, in order to open up newer channels of class promotion. Write simple yet informative articles and post them on your blog with a link to your own website.

Make sure your blog post readers find the articles interesting enough to finally click on your website link to check in your organizational activities. You can offer promotions codes and special discounts on your classes to attract more people to sign up for the same.

Provide Name Badges and Certifications

Use the online name badging service to easily print bar-coded badges and certificates at home or on-site.

Create, Send, and Store Reliable Reports

You can easily create class reports, questionnaire summary, and gross and net revenue reports via the online reporting tool and send the same to your sponsors. The class management and accounting software also enables every organizer to store the reports in their company database for following up in future.

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Launch Surveys

Get more feedback on your student and attendee experience with pre-class/training questionnaires and post-class evaluation surveys.


A majority of class management software comes with a connector, especially designed to flawlessly manage the classes run using the Moodle platform. Moodle is a free e-learning platform that helps educators develop and manage online courses via this platform. Connectors help in automatic, two-way sharing of data between the Moodle platform and the online class management software platform, thereby saving your precious time and cost.

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